Writing: Hanboks Underwater

This week’s lesson is a creative writing lesson. Students created stories from these beautiful pictures taken from the Hanbok Underwater Fashion Show in Seoul. The Hanboks were by designer Park Sul-Nyeo, during the Underwater Hanbok Fashion Show in Seoul on August 22, 2010. The attraction was held as a part of promotional event for a new department stores’ opening claiming it was the world’s first underwater Hanbok fashion show.

In the 1910’s, Korea was governed by the Japanese government. Most male grown-ups were forced to enroll in the army and many girls became geishas. Some of them accepted their destiny and gave up their lives as Koreans, but many chose to die. Geishas wearing Hanboks, the traditional costume of Korea, decided to jump from the cliff, and this photo shows that tragic scene of the past.

– Jiyoung Kim, Class 3-2


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