The Indian Lilac

 석지원Ji-won Seok, Class 3-6

A long time ago there was a town that was nice and had hard working people. Every morning people would go fishing in the sea. Fresh fish was caught by the evening. Then one day in this peaceful town they had a big concern. A scary monster lived in the sea who wanted to take a pretty girl. “If you pay me with a pretty girl, I’ll not destroy the village and fishing vessels.” The villagers were trembled with fear. After a lot of people inevitably decided it was important to listen to the monster, they found the most beautiful and kind girl in village.

The next day people felt sorry for her and cried. After sunset the next day the sea monster approached, and waited for the girl. Who would have to ride on that boat to deliver the girl? A very brave young man decided ride the boat. He thought “You are such a nice and beautiful girl and you’re here to get caught by a monster.” So he decided to defeat the evil monster. He said “I’ll fight the monster.” The villagers were surprised to hear him speak. “You’re very brave!” The villagers prayed to God to keep the brave young man safe. The young lady saw him with tears flowing and said, “Thank you very much. I’ll wait until you come back to the village.” “Please, wait. I’ll be back in one hundred days.” he said. “If I win I’ll come back with white sails. But if I die I’ll come back with red sails.” Both promised to meet each again.

Time passed and finally one hundred days passed. Everybody in this town waited for the ship to appear. And the boat appeared. But to everyone’s shock, the boat had red sails. “Oh, my god!” Shocked, she fainted. However, in the boat the young man smiled. “I’m back!” “How is this possible?” All the villagers said. “The girl fainted because she saw the red sails.” Everybody was surprised to see the sails. The white sails were dyed red because of the blood from the dead monster.

He went to the girl. But she did not open her eyes, she had died. The following year and the year after when the warm spring comes you can find flowers on the spot where the young girl died. The flowers grow for one hundred days and then like the girl, they also die. Because of this the villagers call the flower the Indian lilac.


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