The Turtle and The Rabbit

By  황성은 Seong-eun Hwang, Class 3-8

 One day a hare was making fun of a tortoise for being so slow. “You think I am slow?”  said the tortoise, “Let’s run a race, and I bet that I will win.” “Oh, really?” answered the hare.  “Let’s try and see.”  Soon the hare and the tortoise agreed that the fox would be the judge for their race. On the day of the race, both the hare and the tortoise met the fox at the starting line. Both started off together.

 Soon the hare was far ahead of the slow tortoise.  The hare thought she could stop and take a rest. She found some nice, comfortable grass to rest in and was soon sleeping deeply. Meanwhile the tortoise kept going and going.  He was slow, but he never stopped.  After a nice long sleep the hare woke up.  But there was a problem!  She slept for too long.  She jumped up and ran as fast as she could, but it was too late. The tortoise had already crossed the finish line

By 이나경 Na-kyeong Lee, Class 3-5

There was a fast rabbit and a slow turtle that lived in the village. The rabbit had won many running contests. No one could beat the rabbit. One day a very slow turtle said, “I can beat the rabbit!” and the rabbit and the turtle had a race. The rabbit was so fast. The other animals thought the turtle couldn’t beat the rabbit. The rabbit thought the turtle might not get to run even halfway. So the rabbit had a nap under the tree. But when the rabbit slept under the tree, the turtle tried very hard to reach the goal. When the turtle arrived at the goal, the rabbit woke up. This story’s lesson is ‘Don’t be conceited! You must never give up!’


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