I am Poems

Students wrote a poem, using the “I am ” template, to talk about themselves. 

나는 I am _____________

나는 궁금하다 I wonder _____________

나는 듣는다 I hear _____________

나는 본다 I see _____________

나는 원하다 I want _____________

나는 I am _____________

나는~척한다  I pretend _____________

나는 느낀다 I feel _____________

나는 만진다 I touch _____________

나는 걱정한다 I worry _____________

나는 운다 I cry _____________

나는 I am _____________

나는 이해한다 I understand _____________

나는 말한다 I say _____________

나는 꿈꾼다 I dream _____________

나는 시도해본다 I try _____________

나는 바란다 I hope _____________

나는 I am _____________

Creative Fan Poetry

Students took turns writing one secret  sentence on a paper fan to reveal a creative group poem. 

Group A: 

I am very pretty

I am very sad

But I’ll be happy

Because of the girl

It’s very beautiful

The flowers smell good

I believe the world like the flower

Group B:

In the morning, birds sing and the sun rises

I see people walk fast

I see people fight

I see many people

I see clothes

I see pants

I see T-shirts

I see a cap

Group C 1: 

Purple is pretty

Purple is my favorite color

Many people like rainbows

Many people like rain

Many people like the sky

And people like me

Group C 2:

The moon is bright

The sea is deep

The sky is high

The plane is flying in the sky

Birds are flying in the sky

I made the world, I am God!


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