Scary Stories

Students created stories for Halloween focusing on the sequencing of their story. Every story has to have a beginning that introduces a story. The middle is important to the conflict that leads to a strong ending.

The Mountain Retreat

By김민경Min Kyeong Kim & 이해솔 Hae Sol Lee, Class 2-3


One day, a group of college students were climbing a mountain. They got lost climbing down the mountain. They found a mountain retreat and went in.


In the mountain retreat, there were many pictures on the wall. The pictures were the owners of the mountain retreat. The students were looking at the pictures and they were talking about the pictures. One student said “He is ugly.” Other students said “This picture scares me.” They talked a lot and then they slept.


The next day, they woke up and they were surprised because the pictures were not real pictures. The pictures were really the mountain retreat’s windows. The students realized the people they looked at yesterday must have been ghost.

The Birthday Gift

By 정지윤 Ji Yun Jeong &김채현 Chae Jyeon Kim, Class 2-8


There was a girl named Paula. One day it was her birthday. So she and her mother went to the pet shop to buy a present.


“Choose what you want” her mother said. Paula chose a fat cat. Paula said to the clerk “How much is this cat?” the clerk said “I’m not selling that cat.”


Paula tried to pick up the cat. Then she screamed! “I told you I’m not selling that cat that cat is dead it is his ghost.” The girl ran out of the pet store screaming.

The Ghost in the Dormitory Room

By손진경Jin Kyeong Son, Class 2-2 &임수민Su Min Im, Class 2-7


There was a boy. One day, there was an opportunity to go to England. He was very excited. When he arrived at the school in England, the teacher said, “Your name is Thomas, right?” “Yes I am Thomas.” he answered. “I’ll show your room.” “OK, thanks.”


The next day, he met a new friend, whose name was Fred. Fred asked him, “Where is your room?” “It’s in the black building.” Thomas said. “You’re in the black building? Wait, what’s your room number?” “It’s 104 on the 4th floor.” “Really? Be careful when you sleep!” Fred advised Thomas. But Thomas couldn’t understand what Fred said to him. That night, Thomas felt strange. His bed was shaking a little bit and he felt that someone was knocking on the door. He was scared.


The next day, he asked the dormitory manager what happened to his room before he came. She told him that there was one pretty girl who was only 15 years old. One day, she died because of a heart attack. From that day, the girl’s ghost began to appear in that room. Thomas was very scared. That night, he wanted to see the ghost. So, he stayed up late. Suddenly, his bed started to shake. Then he looked under his bed. The girl was watching his eyes, and then he screamed loudly.

The Cats Town

By 김혜영 Kim Hye Yeong & 이희경 Lee Hee Gyeong, Class 1-3


It was about 1960, there lived a couple. They were going to a trip to the country and they left. But nobody knew where did they went. So the woman’s brother left his home to find them.


He arrived at the country and asked people. But they didn’t know, either. That midnight, he saw one bus. There were two or three people in the bus. He felt strange, but he rode the bus. The bus arrived at a strange village. The people who lived in that village were strange, too. They were wearing old clothes and they didn’t speak. From then on, a person who came to the strange village with him was gone each night. And there was only him left at the Bed and Breakfast. That night he didn’t sleep and waited. Some minutes later, he opened the door and saw people. They were citizens of the strange village.


They wanted to kill him. Because… that village was ‘The Cats Town’, citizens killed people and gave them to cats. They thought cats were their god. Because theCatsTowndidn’t communicate with other cities, for about  100 years, they still believed nature was god.

What happens in the Ghost’s house?

By 류화정 Hwa Jeong Ryu, Class 1-1 & 옥찬희 Chan Hee Ok , Class 1-4


Jay was a very smart student. One day, Jay finished her homework and she was getting ready to sleep. But she heard a strange sound. Jay could not sleep. Jay said “Who are you?”



A baby ghost appeared. And the baby ghost said “Jay! You must go with me together to the ghost world.” Jay wondered why, so she wanted to go to the ghost house. She said ”o..k” So Jay and the ghost went to the ghost world.



The ghosts wanted to eat Jay. They were ready to eat her. But Jay screamed “Ah!!!!!!!” The ghosts caught her foot and hands. And they cut Jay’s neck, legs, arms. They ate Jay, who was very delicious.

Wrong Love

By 박수영 Sarah, Class 2-7 & 도유정 Yoo Jung Do, Class 2-5


There was once a family. When this family was traveling, they got into a car accident. Because of this, the mom and the dad died. So only the children were left.


After 3 years, these siblings became adults. The older boy was Nick and the younger girl was Kathy. Nick had lost his family and he loved his family a lot, but sometimes it was too much. He became obsessed. One day, Kathy met a boy, Chuck. Kathy fell in love with him. So she started coming home late. Nick knew this and then he started yelling and kept asking, “Have you been with your boyfriend until now?” Kathy said “Nick! Please, it’s not your business. Please do not care so much about me!” But Nick didn’t care what she felt. And then one day Kathy tried to run away. Nick knew this so Nick killed Chuck.


After Chuck died, Kathy got depressed and she killed herself. And then Nick realized what he did. He cried and cried. He went crazy. And then he was just gone! Disappeared!

The Ghost Forest

 By 김소현 Alice, Class 1-3 &김민정 Min Jeong Kim, Class 1-3


There was once a newly married couple. One day, they went on their honeymoon to a villa between the sea and forest. The wife’s name was Sally and husband’s name was Jack.


The sun set, then Jack said “Sally! We must go now!” But Sally didn’t hear. She just went away. Then, an old man said “Wait! Come here. This is a shorter way from your villa.” “Oh, really? okay. Just wait. I will ask my husband. Jack! Where are you? Come here. I found a shorter way from a villa. Run!”

Jack said “Sally! Wait! This is dangerous! Look at the graveyard! There are ghost there. They will steal your soul” Sally answered, “Oh.. Jack.. your story is not real…Don’t worry.” Sally disregarded him. Sally entered the forest and after 5 minutes Jack went into the forest. He said, “Sally come out the forest!” She said, “Jack look at me.. I live. Come on. Come!”

Jack thought “I am mistaken? huh.. I believe my wife.” And he followed Sally.


But they were not able to come out of the forest, forever!


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