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Slang 미국속어 #1: “Outta Here” & “In a Bind”


Hyori Lee left for India today to volunteer (자원봉사)  with World Vision, an International Relief Organization (국제구조연맹). She is spending a week in the country to help with charity (자선) activities.

Slang 미국속어

“Outta here”


A phrase (): Someone is leaving.

Example 보기:

1) I’m outta here! See you next week!

2) It looks like Stephan is finally outta here, we will miss him.

Etymology 어원 연구:

This slang comes from the phrase ‘out of here’, which is also used to say that you are leaving (or going out of) this place (or here).

“In a bind”


In a bad situation; in trouble (어려움)

Example 보기:

1) Mike was really in a bind after he lost his cellphone and wallet.

2) Ted was in a bind after Sumin decided she did not want him as a boyfriend.

Etymology 어원 연구:

‘Bind’ means ‘to tie’ or ‘to secure’. The phrase ‘in a bind’ comes from lumberjacks (men who cut down trees). When a saw (톱) gets stuck or caught in a tree, it is ‘in a bind’, or trapped in the wood.

Synonyms 동의어

in a jam