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Grade 1 Speaking Test

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Grade 2 Speaking Test

Grade 2

3rd Grade Speaking Test




2nd Grade Speaking Test – 11/2014

2nd grade speaking test Fall 2014

1st Grade Speaking Test – 11/2014

1st Grade Speaking Test

1st Grade Speaking Test – June 2014




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2nd Grade Speaking Test – June 2014


For the speaking test, please remember these 3 things:

 1) the sidewalk


 2) You start from the door and finish at a door

여러분들은 문에서 시작하여 문까지 도착하여 끝이 납니다.

 3) Use the scissor Miss Alex gives you so you can remember where to turn

 Miss Alex가 준 가위를 사용하여서 여러분들은 어디서 돌아야 할지를 기억할 수 있습니다.

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American Korean money

3rd Grade Speaking Test 2014


What did Ann spend her money on?

She spent her money on games, snacks and new clothes.

What do you usually spend your allowance on?

I spend my allowance on ________________

Where can I buy new boots?

You can buy new boots at Cinderella.

Who is shopping in the mall?

A mom and her baby are shopping at the mall.

A couple are shopping at the mall.

Two friends are shopping at the mall.

A woman is shopping at the mall.

What can I buy at New Look?

You can buy shirts, skirts, pants and dresses.

Where is the Game Room?

It is below New Look. / It is next to School Supplies.

Where is Cinderella?

It is next to Princess Bag World. / It is above School Supplies.

I have blond hair. I am short. I am wearing blue jeans. Who am I?

Why does Ann need to borrow money from David?

She needs to buy school supplies.

3rd Grade Speaking Test 2013