E-Pop Jump

경일여자중학교 교육복지우선지원사업


(원어민과의 데이트 프로그램)

Our group!

원어민과의 영어데이트

평소 학습의욕이 있고, 영어회화 학습에 대한 관심이 있으나, 경제적 형편과 기회 부족 등으로 원어민 영어회화 학습이 미진한 학생들에게 다양한 영어 회화 학습 체험의 기회를 제공한다.

Day 1 -The Daegu Museum 

“I learned about Korean traditional culture and I was glad to see “의궤” returned by France. It was our first day, but we were not shy. I enjoyed our dinner.” – 최미소  Class 3-5

Day 2 – The Cable Car on Ap Mountain 

“I’m happy to see the top of Mount Ap and excited about riding the cable car. I felt a little scared. My first trip with Miss Alex is very fun.” – 박수연  Class 3-1

Day 3 -Traditional Herb Medicine Street

“It was my first time to go to the traditional herb medicine street. On our way there I thought the medicine would smell good but actually it smells very bad” – 최지혜  Class 3-1

” I didn’t like the smell of the medicine, but lunch was delicious.” – 김은아  Class 2-5

Day 4 – Pottery at Suseong Lake

“It was my first time going to Suseong Lake. I made pottery! It was very interesting, I want to make pottery again.” – 김효영  Class 2-2


Day 5 – Seomun Market

“I was interested in seeing the many accessories and food.” – 류홍주  Class 2-2

“It was very fun because there are a lot of clothes and food.” – 방소현  Class 2-2


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