A Seoul Mouse and a Country Mouse

By 경인 Kyeong-in Jang, Class 3-3

Once, the country mouse invited the city mouse to his house. The Seoul mouse arrived late in the evening. The country mouse prepared corn and potatoes for dinner. The two mice enjoyed their meal. After dinner, the Seoul mouse told the country mouse about his home. The country mouse was so curious aboutSeoullife. So he decided leave the country.

They arrived at the Seoul mouse’s place. The country mouse looked around the house and he was so surprised! There were all kinds of food on the table. Sausages, big cheese, jellies, cake and fruit. The country mouse nibbled the cheese. “How delicious! I have never tasted anything better than this,” said the country mouse. The two hungry mice ate and ate.

Suddenly they heard some scratching sound. There was a big cat behind the door! “Run!” Yelled the city mouse. And they ran to the corner as fast as they could. “What is that?” Asked the country mouse shaking his body. “A cat. Once he gets you, he eats you up,” said the Seoul mouse. “This is terrible. I think I will go home. I’d rather have corn and potatoes in peace than have sugar and cheese in danger,” said the country mouse. So the little country mouse went back to his home.

By 서은지 Eun-Ji Seo, Class 3-5

Once there were two mice. One lived in Seoul and the other lived in the country. They were friends. One day the Seoul mouse came to the country mouse’s house. The Country mouse treated his friend to a meal that he usually ate. The Seoul mouse was not satisfied with his meal. He looked at the Country mouse and thought he was poor.

The Seoul mouse said, “I’ll invite you to my house. I think your meal is really poor.” So the Country mouse was invited to come to Seoul and went to the Seoul mouse’s house. The Seoul mouse really welcomed the Country mouse and took him to the kitchen in which there was rich and delicious food. And the Seoul mouse said, “You can eat all this delicious food.”

The Country mouse was surprised and happy. But suddenly as soon as the Country mouse had eaten, people began to come to the kitchen and saw that they couldn’t eat any food. In addition, the Country mouse was threatened by the people and a cat. The Country mouse went back to his house.

This story’s lesson is, ‘being greedy is rather harmful. Be happy with what you have.’



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