Heungbu and Neulbu

By 장선인   Seonin Jang, Class 3-1

Once there were two brothers named Heungbu and Neulbu.  Neulbu was very lazy, greedy and rich. But, Heungbu was kindhearted and poor. One day, Heungbu’s family was very hungry, so Heungbu went to Neulbu’s house. He said “Please, give me rice!! Please-” But, Neulbu’s wife beat him with a spatula. Unavoidably, Heungbu returned house.

At that time a swallow broke its leg. Heungbu found it as he walked home. So, Heungbu took care of the swallow. Then the swallow gave him a pumpkin seed. So, Heungbu’s family planted it.  The pumpkin grew and he cut the pumpkin. Suddenly, the pumpkin had a treasure inside. Neulbu was jealous. Neulbu then intentionally broke the swallow’s leg. The swallow gave a pumpkin seed to Neulbu. But the pumpkin grew into a monster. In the end, the brothers became friends.


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