The Fairy and the Woodcutter

By 권유정 Yu Jang Kwon, Class 3-1

Once there was a kind wood cutter. One day a deer approached him while he was cutting wood.  The deer asked the man to hide him from the hunter. The man helped the deer  so the deer was saved and promised to return the favor. The deer said, “If you will go to that forest, there will be a beautiful fairy who takes a bath in that forest every day. If you take the fairy’s robe, the fairy will not be able to go back to the sky. You can get married with the fairy.” The deer told the man not to return the robe until he had 3 children with the fairy. If the fairy has 3 children, she can’t go back to the sky.

That night, the wood cutter stole the fairy’s robe. A few minutes later, all the fairies went up to the sky but only one was left because of her missing robe. The wood cutter told her that he would only return her clothes if she would give him 3 kids. They came back to his town, got married and had 2 kids. The fairy was bursting with tears and begging him to give her the robe. The kind wood cutter gave the robe back to her. Then finally the fairy went back to the sky holding her 2 kids in her arms. The wood cutter was dumbfounded while looking at them. He never saw her again.

  1. how much wood would a wood cutter cut if a wood cutter would cut wood?

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