Alice in Wonderland Camp 2012

The students had a wonderful English camp experiencing the story of Alice in Wonderland. There were four teams- Diamonds, Clubs, Spades and Hearts. They all competed to win the Camp games and enjoyed playing and practicing their English. 

방학에 시간을 내서 온다는 것이 귀찮았지만, 막상 참가해 보니 신청하기를 잘했다는 생각이 들었다. 이틀 참가로 영어 실력이 늘 수는 없지만 선생님들께서 많은 준비를 하셔서 새롭고 다양한 경험을 할 수 있었다.

I didn’t want to come here during vacation but after I finished the camp I was glad I came. Going to camp for two days did not help my English a lot but the teacher prepared a lot for the camp so I could experience various things.

– 김혜영 2-2

친구랑 같은 조가 되고 싶었는데 , 되지 않아서 처음에는 속상했다. 하지만 영어로 이런 영어 캠프를 하니 다른친구랑 친해질 기회가 있어서 좋았다. 다음에도 이런 기회가 된다면 꼭 참가하고 싶당……

I wanted to be in the same team as my friends but I was placed in Team Diamond, so I was disappointed. However, I did the English Camp and had a chance to meet new friends. If I have a chance to go to camp next year, I will definitely  apply.

-손유정 2-2

Pin the Tail on the Chesire Cat
Cake Decorating Contest

Our own version of croquet

Alice and the Rabbit

Paint the Roses Red Race
The Team of Clubs doing a Story Activity

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