The Tiger and the Dried Persimmon

By 이희정 Hee-Jeong Lee, Class 3-8

Once there was a tiger who was hungry. He went down to a barn. Just in time, there was a big sleeping cow in the barn. He thought ‘Wow, I got lucky!’ But suddenly, a boy started to cry very loudly inside the home next door. 

The tiger was surprised so he forgot to eat the cow. He walked toward the home. The boy’s mom was soothing him in the home. 

“Look outside. The tiger is coming.”

The tiger was surprised again.

‘That’s strange! How did she know I was coming?’

He sat at the front of the door and started to watch them. 

“Now the tiger is sitting at the front of the door. If you don’t stop crying, he will prey on you.”

The tiger heard her and he got curious.

“Wow, it’s extraordinary. She also knew I am sitting here. He has not stopped crying though I am here. He is not afraid of anything.”

As the boy continued to cry, he mom gave a dried persimmon to him.

“Here is a dried persimmon. Stop crying. 

Then he just stopped crying. The tiger was shocked 

“What is a ‘dried persimmon’? It made the boy stop crying. It must be dangerous.”

The tiger was afraid of it so he hid next to the sleeping cow in the barn, pretending to be a cow. Just then, a cow thief carefully came into the barn. The thief rode on the tiger because he was deluded into believing that the tiger was a cow. However, the tiger was deluded into believing that the thief was a dried persimmon. He was frightened so he fled far away with all his strength.


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