The Man with a Lump on His Face

 By 김규민 Gyumin Kim, Class 3-1

A long, long time ago there were a kind man and a greedy man. The kind man worked hard and didn’t realize the sun had already gone down. He, however, found an empty house and decided to sleep there. He started to sing because he got scared, but monsters appeared. “Hey you, where is that beautiful sound coming from?” “It’s from my lump.” said the kind man. The monsters then exchanged the lump for money and jewelry. Then, the witty man became rich and even got rid of his lump.

The greedy man thought it was that the kind man became rich so suddenly. So he asked how the kind man became rich. The kind man explained the situation that if you went to the empty house and sang, monsters would exchange the lump for money. The greedy man went to the empty house that day and started to sing. Then the monsters appeared and he started to sing even louder.

“Hey you,”

“Yes, what?” said the greedy man.

“I sang with your lump but nothing happened. Take it back!”

After that, the greedy man had one more lump than he use to.


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