The Story of Sim Cheong

By Ji-hye Park, Class 3-1

Once there was a girl named Sim Cheong who was very kind and tended to her blind father with filial piety. Her father was poor but they were very happy.

One day, her father fell in the river on the way home. Then, a monk saved him. Sin Cheong saw what had happened. So Sim Cheong was really thankful to the monk. After that day, Sim Cheong went to the temple that the monk who saved her father stayed in. Sim Cheong met the monk at the main building of the temple. She thanked the monk. They talked about many stories. During the talk, she heard about an offering of rice given Buddha that could give her father his sight back. So Sim Cheong really considered offering the rice to Buddha.

After some length of time, Sim Cheong heard about an ad.  Sailors were looking for a girl who could be a sacrifice for them, a victim! The sailors promised to give 300 sacks of rice to the victim. So Sim Cheong really considered it and decided to become the sacrifice.

In those days, Sim Cheong worked sewing at a rich man’s house. The madam who was the rich’s wife wanted to adopt Sim Cheong as her daughter. The Madam heard that Sim Cheong decided to be the sacrifice. She was very shocked at the news. Sim Cheong’s father didn’t know about the news.  

Time flew by and the day that Sim Cheong was to become the victim came. Sim Cheong lied to her father that she had become the Madam’s daughter. Her father was really happy, but sad. Sim Cheong rode the ship and said goodbye to her father in her thoughts.

A few hours later, it was time to dive into the sea. At that time, Sim Cheong prayed for her father to open his eyes. When Sim Cheong arrived at the bottom of the sea, some fishes discovered Sim Cheong. So they take her to the Sea King. The Sea King decided to send Sim Cheong back to land. The Sea King put Sim Cheong in a lotus flower, and sent her to the land. The lotus flower floated on the sea. Some sailors who caught fishes saw the lotus flower. They brought it and gave it to the king.

When the king received the lotus flower, it opened. There was a girl in the lotus flower. After some hours, the girl awoke. She was Sim Cheong. The prince saw her, he fell in love with Sim Cheong. They promised to marry. Sim Cheong asked the prince to hold a party so that she could find her father after their wedding.

They married. After the wedding day, the prince held the party that could find her father. At the party, Sim Cheong found her father. When they met, her father’s eyes were opened.  And they live very happy for a long long time.


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