The Story of Chun Hyang

By 이명주 Myeongju Lee, Class 3-4

In Namwon, there was a girl named Chun Hyang was who was the prettiest girl in the village. In the village lived a deputy delegate’s son, Mong Ryong. When Chun Hyang was on a swing and Mong Ryong saw her, he fell in love at first sight. He called her using his servant. But she said that he was impolite. At night, he visited her house. Then he proposed to her that he loved her.

After a few days, he had the kwago, the old state examination during Chosun, and he succeeded in the exam. So he had to leave for Seoul. Then, he met her to say good bye. He promised that they would meet again.

One day, there was new local magistrate whose name was Byun Hak Do. He knew that Chun Hyang was the prettiest girl and so he called her to his house. At that night he ordered her to give her bed service to him, but she didn’t obey. He got upset. So he arrested Chun Hyang and put her in a cell. The lord Byun called Chun Hyang and ordered her to give her bed service again. And again she refused.

Suddenly, Mong Ryong who became a secret royal inspector appeared in front of them. Mong Ryong arrested the lord and apologized to Chung Hyang for coming late. Finally, the got married and lived happily forever.

  1. Dear Myeongju
    I enjoyed reading your re-telling of the story of Chun Hyang. Well done. I visited Gwanghallu-won in October this year. It is one of my best memories from my visit to Korea . I really loved the paintings illustrating the story. I think I could be happy living in a house like Chun Hyang’s house. What about you?
    Keep writing and reading. It will bring you great joy.
    Shirley Thomas from Australia

  2. omg the story is so cute wish to have same prince charming

    (izzapupa) _o19

  3. yeah right………….


  4. Thank you ,, this is help me to do my homework 🙂

  5. The Internet Is Very Slow :3 I’m So Exccited To Read This Story ❤

  6. Its very nice. Thank you.

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