Interrogating Villains

Students learned how to ask questions using:

  • Who

  • What

  • Where

  • When

  • Why

  • How

  • Did you

    – Who did you

    – What did you 

    – Where did you

    – When did you 

    – Why did you

    – How did you

They then chose a Disney villain to interrogate about the crime committed in the movie. 



 Name: Ursula

 Gender: Female

  Crime: She stole the princess’ voice.

  A: Why did you steal the princess’ voice?

  B: I spoke to the princess and I made a   deal! I am innocent!

 A: How did you feel at that time?

 B: I had no feelings.

 A: Do you admit your crime?

 B: Yes, I do.

 A: You have to pay a fine. It is 5 trillion dollars.

 B: No problem! I am very rich.



 Name: Maleficent

 Gender: female

  Crime: She put a sleeping magic spell on princess Aurora.

  A: How do you excuse your crime?

  B: Her parents are mean! They are very rude!  So, I punished their daughter.

 A: Was it okay to punish their daughter?

 B: Yes, it was!

 A: How are you feeling?

 B: I have no feelings. I feel nothing.



  Name: The Evil Queen

  Gender: Female

  Crime: She poisoned Snow White.

 A: Did you give an apple to someone?

 B: I gave it to Snow White.

 A: Are you satisfied with your crime?

 B: I am satisfied.

 A: Why did you poison Snow White?

B: Because she was prettier than me.

A: Did you succeed?

B: No, I didn’t.

A: Then why are you satisfied with your crime?

 B: I tried, that is enough.

A: Why do you think you are here?

 B: Because I poisoned Snow White.



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